Consumer Protection

Michigan Consumer Protection Attorney

Even if you legitimately owe creditors money, you do have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which is a Federal statute, as well as the Michigan Debt Collection Practices Act and the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. At the Law Office of John Larkin, P.C. in Livonia, Michigan, we will diligently represent you and your rights.

Creditors Going Too Far

Creditors often overreach their duties and violate the federal statutes put into place to protect you. They will harass and bully their clients and practice repressive debt collection.

Creditors use other unfair tactics when punishing a client for not paying their bill or not responding to constant telephone calls. Interest rates can be overcharged and fees can be assessed as a punitive measure that does not adhere to the credit agreement you signed.

The responsibility of anyone collecting a debt is to act within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. That means charging interest and fees properly and according to the agreement essentially signed by both sides.

Protection against Constructive Evictions

At the Law Office of John Larkin, P.C., we also handle consumer protection cases. Landlords seeking to collect rent sometimes overstep their boundaries in evicting a tenant. Instead of taking the legal steps necessary to remove a tenant from the property, the landlord will perform a constructive eviction. That encompasses turning off the utilities in an effort to force the non-paying tenant out, which is a violation of consumer protection laws.

Your Need for Legal Representation

Your attorney will aggressively defend you and your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and consumer protection laws. We will review the facts of the case and secure the paperwork to ensure that the creditor or the landlord was acting properly. Their focus should be to collect on specifically what you owe and not engage in bullying and ultimately unlawful tactics to collect on a debt.

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