Traffic Offenses

Michigan Traffic Offenses and DUI Lawyer

While many view a traffic ticket as a minor criminal matter, traffic offenses can result in significant consequences concerning your insurance rates and your ability to drive legally. At the Law Office of John Larkin, P.C. in Livonia, Michigan, we have successfully handled traffic offense cases on behalf of our clients. As DUI lawyers, we have also negotiated and litigated cases involving refusal to take a breathalyzer.

Keeping Points Down

For many clients, their goal is to keep the points down on their license. As points add up, insurance rates go up as does the risk of losing your license. Driving without insurance is also in violation with Michigan law as you would be charged with No Proof of Insurance.

Clients come to the Law Office of John Larkin, P.C. when they are faced with license suspension or revocation. Upon taking their case, a traffic offense and DUI lawyer will identify the issue related to points accumulated or multiple offenses that could result in a loss of your driving privileges. Those being more proactive just want to keep their drivers license clean with no points to avoid high insurance rates.

Serious Traffic Charges and Consequences

There are traffic offenses that will result in an automatic suspension or revocation of your license. Those charges include reckless driving and refusing to take a breathalyzer test which is an implied consent violation. A skilled DUI lawyer at the Law Office of John Larkin, P.C. can help you fight these charges.

Your ability to drive may be at stake, affecting your financial future if you cannot drive to work. I will attempt to negotiate with the prosecution on your charge. However, if we do not come to a satisfactory agreement, I will take the matter to trial.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact the Law Office of John Larkin, P.C. in Livonia, Michigan. You will find a lawyer with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective and efficient legal representation. Call 1-866-452-7546 or 734-422-2111 today for a free initial phone consultation. Our traffic offense attorneys offer evening and weekend appointments by request.